Plasma Lift

Noninvasive Face Lift

10 Years Younger (or more) in 10 Days
Introducing a Life Changing Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery
Eyelids lifted and sculpted.
Necks tightened.
Lip lines made invisible (or fuller lips created).
Frown lines/furrows diminished.
Acne scars softened.
Forehead lines diminished.
No surgery.
No injections.
No lasers.
Minimal discomfort.
No frozen or fake look, just younger looking skin.
Long lasting results - years as opposed to months.
Naturally fuller lips (goodbye duck lips).
Your body reaps the same benefits - sagging elbows, knees, and belly buttons lifted and tightened (along with loose arm and abdominal skin). Stretch marks reformed into smooth, tight skin.
Plasma lift works for Fitzpatrick scale 1 and 2 (very fair to fair tones).
How does it work?
Unwanted skin is evaporated through plasma (the ionization of gas in the air). The Plasma Pen charges the oxygen and nitrogen in the air, sending a thermal spark to the target area (the pen never touches the skin). The excess skin superficially evaporates, leaving a carbon crust (a series of dots) that falls off in about 5 days revealing younger looking, revitalized skin. 
Full benefits are seen in about 8 weeks, but significant results are seen immediately - skin is tightened and lifted.
Is there a risk of scarring?
No. Skin is vaporized at a superficial level. The results? Like nothing seen outside of surgery with a more natural look.
How many treatments are required?
Just one treatment results in significant improvement in aging skin. Most people will be extremely satisfied with a single treatment. Those with extreme wrinkling and heavily sagging skin, however, may want additional treatments (two is not uncommon, three for those with severe sagging, four is rarely needed) for optimal results. Retreatment of an area is offered at discounted pricing.
Are maintenance sessions needed?
No. Remember, however, we're treating the visible signs of aging, not stopping aging - no skin treatment can do that. Depending on your lifestyle and skin care regimen, you may wish to have additional treatments in the future - from 9 months (for those who don't use preventative measures, such as sunscreen, to several years as natural aging occurs). Once you experience Plasma Lift, you'll never look as aged in the future as you would have if you never had the treatment.
Does it hurt?
Discomfort is minimized with the use of topical anesthetic. It's quite tolerable for most people.
How much does Plasma Lift cost?
It varies by the area and depth of lines and wrinkles and the amount of sagging. You can expect to pay as little as $300 for glabellar (frown) lines or lip lines to $2000 for full face and neck. Compared to the ongoing costs of neurotoxins like Botox and filler, and the extreme costs and risks of facial surgery, treatment is extremely affordable.
How long does the treatment take?
Topical anesthetic is applied for about 45 minutes. The amount of time total treatment time required ranges from 1 hour to 90 minutes for most people, but a free consultation will help you in planning regarding the time required and final costs. (There's never pressure or a hard sell - we want you to look and feel your best and if you won't benefit from Plasma Lift, we'll tell you.)
What about downtime?
The carbon crusts, which form after treatment, fall off in 5 to 7 days. There may be swelling under the eyes, if they are treated, which diminishes after a couple of days, but most people return to work immediately without discomfort or pain. New, pink skin is revealed after the crusts fall off. As healing continues, the skin color fades to a normal shade. It's easily covered by makeup. Plan accordingly.
How do I care for my skin after treatment?
We provide everything you need post treatment at no additional charge.



Art by Tim Sale